February 26

What is Tech good for?

Technology is a very big thing these days, whether you’re an outdoors or indoors person, you will nonetheless use it, so what can technology do for you? Well first, technology can be a great tool for education, it allows wireless communication from teacher to student, whether it is to check on homework, to explain tardiness or being absent, and much more. It can also be used in class, from typing essays to watching videos. And of course, it allows you to blog, just like I am right now.

Not only is technology good for education, but also for business corporations and agencies. Have you ever come across an office that has no electronic gadgets, because these marvels of science can speed up someones work, being much more efficient. It also keeps everything that is happening in the company under control, reducing the risks of danger. The government uses it too, after all, the better you’re technology the stronger you are.┬áMovies about CIA and other secret agencies always have cool high-tech gear right, and all that counts as technology.

So I’ve told you how good technology is for education, economics and politics, but not on what it does for you, and that is what I am going to explain right now. You may not realize it, but technology is in you’re everyday life, from the coffee machine in the morning to you’re TV, but you are surrounded in technology.Of course, all the everyday things may not seem as exceptional as an iPhone or a computer, but they are all the same, a coffee machine has (well, only the advanced ones) a chip that runs a program made by people like you to make your coffee, whether it is expresso or latte. Though, I can also talk about the awesome stuff in technology too, did you know that with 3D printing (printing models made on computers to their 3D real life sizes), scientists are able to crete prosthetic body parts for the disabled, as well as machines that can help our world, and one of these days, not that far away too, we will be able to create food with it.

So yeah, I may not have explained the bad sides of technology, and maybe embellished some of the good sides a bit, but now you know that technology isn’t all bad, maybe it even has more good than bad, so let’s support it until the very end.