October 24

A Trip to the Sea.


10096627625_0482e12ba5_z One day, a few friends decided to go to the sea. They lived next to it, so the trip was short. The plan was to hike down the cliff, reach the small bay not visible in the picture, and eat and play on the sand, then go back up and head back home. It all seemed fine until the group realized something, the cliff was to steep, how would they climb down?

Here is where you come in, you can write down in the comment section what the end of this short story will be.

I look forward to your ideas.

From the post master, me 🙂

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5 thoughts on “A Trip to the Sea.

  1. Miss W.

    G’day Noah,
    Does this image belong to you? If no, then you need to include the attribution of who does own the original image and where you got it from.

  2. Miss W.

    Forget my last comment, Noah, I just saw where you had source above the image. It might be better to have it under the image or at the end of your post.

  3. zeldaisd20

    I would say they grew wings and flew, but that isn’t really realistic.

    I mean, if it was anime, they probably would jump down like idiots. And land in the water. But then the person would die because he’s stupid. And the other kids would cry because everyone’s an idiot in anime.

    Now, if it was real life, they would probably get discouraged and go home, because they’re too lazy to find a way down, or they just end up eating on the top of the cliff.

    And, now for the unrealistic story:

    1. zeldaisd20

      Suddenly, one girl said. “Guys, let’s just go home.”
      “No, that’s no fun!” The boy said.
      “HEY GUYS!” The other boy said. “Look what I found!”
      “What?” The girl asked.
      They all looked over the edge to see stairs leading down to the shore.
      “Oh.” Said the boy. The other boy face-palmed himself.

      (Hehe :P)


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