October 26

I made this:


I made, or in other words modeled this rocket on a 3D modelling program called blender.

Link to the official website

It’s a great program to make photo-realistic animations or even just images, like the rocket that I made. It takes some effort to learn but once you do understand it it’s much easier and quicker to do.

This is not a promotion

From the owner of this blog 🙂

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Posted October 26, 2016 by noahr20 in category Technology

2 thoughts on “I made this:

  1. dakotad23

    Hey Noah,
    Your rocket looks great, it looks kind of hard to program it. Was it hard to make? Was it difficult? Does it take a long time?

    1. noahr20 (Post author)

      Well, the right term is model not program, though I will say that it was hard to make, mostly because it was my first model in Blender, I guess pros at it could easily make this, but it took me some effort.


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