November 29

My communities.

Links to pictures: Ps4, swimmer, google picture, drawing of science, piano

So, it seems that for the student blogging challenge this week I have to wright about my communities, and personally, I don’t really “know” what communities I belong to.

There are many communities I could call myself part of, just because I associate with them. I could say I’m in the scientist community, since I have done experiments and am an aficionado of science. I could say I’m in the gaming community since I game all day and night, or I could say I’m part of the weeaboo’ community, since I love manga and anime. I am from many communities, because I have more than just one trait, and listing all the people I identify with would take too long, so instead, I’ll just list my top 10, as in the ones I am most related to:



(Note, these are not in order, I’m just listing my top 10 communities)

  1. Gamer community, this is the case because as I said before, I love games, I always try to play as soon as I have free time, be it on a PlayStation, computer or phone/tablet.                                                                                                9991248754_eb0700a6db_m
  2. Swimming community, I may not be very involved in this one, since I don’t research or talk much about swimming, but I definitely have spent a lot of time doing it, and I would say that I identify quite strongly as a swimmer.                                                                                                                                                                                          8244744146_f427ca1bd5_m
  3. My friend’s community, this is more of a personal one, relating to me and all my friends, the ones I sit at lunch with, the one’s I talk to casually, those people that know me, that’s one community that I definitely am part of.
  4. The internet community, you could say this applies to anyone that uses the internet, but I think of the internet community as more than that, I think of youtubers, bloggers, 9gagers, memers and more. I’m talking about people who post content, who live on the internet, not scholars that use it as a resource or people who just browse for fun, I’m talking about active internet users, and I feel like I am just that.                                                     4627171329_33dbac5377_m
  5. My family’s community, which makes sense, since I am part of my family, and it’s a community of people I really love, so of course it would make it into my top 10’s list.
  6. The scientific community, this is so because as I said before, I experiment and associate with science, I understand it, like it, and wish to be involved with it in the future, thus why I chose it.                                                6670904559_8df1e8b45e_m
  7. The student community, of course, I am a student, so it makes sense that I would be part of this community, it’s an important one for me because, and this my sound very cheesy, I am happy that I have the privilege to go to school and get a good education, which will help me greatly in the future.
  8. The privileged community, again, so cheesy, but seriously, I understand that I am privileged, I get food every day three times a day, I get a good education, toys and technology, and all at the expense of others, so of course I would be privileged, and of course I would be grateful for it.
  9. The musical community, this is because I play piano, simply that and the fact that I like music, and since I have passed quite a while learning piano, and guitar before that, well, it’s quite an important topic, and hence community, that I identify to.                                                                                                                                                      8294093622_ef8fe985dc_m
  10. A happy community, just because I’m a happy guy that lives a happy life, and happiness should always be important to anyone.

Welp, that does it for this reeaaaalllllyyyy long post, let me know in the comments below what kind of communities you associate too, see you later. 🙂

The post master whose hands hurt a lot.

November 23

Let’s talk about… university.

So university, what comes after high school, the hardest stage (supposedly) of learning, and a usually costly experience. I personally am planning to go to university, I may not be the one who pays for it, my parents are, but I will be the one studying there. There are multiple reasons why I want to go to university, and why you should want to go too.

One of the reasons are that university helps transition from student to adult, becoming more independent of parents yet still learning in an institutional area. That one part about becoming independent is quite attractive, since I’ve always imagined myself in a small flat all for myself. Also, university greatly improves your chances of getting a job, since it looks much better on our resume to say that you have a PhD than to say that you graduated from high school.


Also, there is the fact that the job that I want pretty much requires me to go to university, since I want to be an aeronautical engineer, rocket scientist for short.

That’s pretty much it, I may not have covered all the positives of university, or even mentioned the negatives, but I want to hear what you have to say about university, and what course you’re planning to take.


See you in the comments 🙂

November 17

SBC week 6 reflection.

The three blogs that I visited for week 6 of the student blogging challenge were Loic’s, and a blog that had two different authors, Lepadenb and Leanniek’s.

Here are the links to all blogs:




In Leannick’s post, I commented on something that confused me, the fact that the pumpkin show is free, because the blog was about a pumpkin show, but you have to pay for food and rides, and what I asked was what else was free, because normally there isn’t that much else in a festival.

My second comment was on Lepadenb’s post. The post itself was about pets, and the favorite kinds of pets for people in four categories, dogs, cats, snakes and birds. My comment was just to compliment his post, as it seems like quite some research went into it, and also tried to compliment his choice for a favorite animal (it was a snake by the way).

Lastly, in Loic’s blog post, he kind of rants about how the election of Trump is quite a problem, with a video explaining how his election will only worsen climate change. I agreed with the fact that he isn’t the best choice, but that choice has already been made, and now we must only hope that his campaign was more of an act than we thought. Also, there was kind of a motivational speech about how we should take our problems in our own hands, and not just expect governments to right all our wrongs.


So that’s the second challenge of the 6th week of the SBC, I recommend that you check out all links and read the posts yourself, because they are quite entertaining.


From the post master 🙂

November 14

My dog (that I love).

So yeah, I have a dog.

She is the cutest thing ever, in my opinion, around 3 years old, with the name of Lily.

Here are some pictures of her:




I call her a cutie derpy doge, she always has dirty hair, since she just runs around in the dirt, and her tongue hangs out constantly. Now, this is because of a condition of hers, she has an overbite, so her jaw isn’t aligned well, but personally I just think it makes her cuter. She loves to eat, mostly our food, and she just hangs out beneath our feet at the table, waiting for her gaze to take effect and make us give her something. All this even though she always has food in her bowl (though they are dog food, so I guess it’s not as good). She is quite energetic, running up and down the walls (figuratively) when we come back from school, and then she just naps for long periods of time.


Well, that’s all for today, just a bit of hindsight about my one and only doge.


From the master of posts 🙂

November 1

Gaia probably isn’t a thing.

Link to the post that gave the prompt:

My boring and long response:

So, Gaia, the Greek representation of Earth and mother of the Greek gods. Could it be that all beings are linked together, every disaster, global warming or cooling, happens because it was meant to be, because this “singular life form” controls all and makes everything according to plan. This theory by James Lovelock seems quite improbable. Even though an accomplished scientist, this is just a theory, and a far fetched one too. This theory implies everything is meant to happen, so that means that all those negative things that humans do, all those things that scientists say could cause the end of the Earth, are intentional. Humans are also relatives of the first living organism, yet unlike all others, we have advanced to a point where we are planning on sending people to other planets, is this meant to be? If I understood correctly, Gaia represents all life on Earth, so if humans were to live on another planet, would they still be part of Earth, would this mean that a part of Earth’s “life” is lost. All this seems quite improbable, so that is why I think that Gaia isn’t a thing.