November 14

My dog (that I love).

So yeah, I have a dog.

She is the cutest thing ever, in my opinion, around 3 years old, with the name of Lily.

Here are some pictures of her:




I call her a cutie derpy doge, she always has dirty hair, since she just runs around in the dirt, and her tongue hangs out constantly. Now, this is because of a condition of hers, she has an overbite, so her jaw isn’t aligned well, but personally I just think it makes her cuter. She loves to eat, mostly our food, and she just hangs out beneath our feet at the table, waiting for her gaze to take effect and make us give her something. All this even though she always has food in her bowl (though they are dog food, so I guess it’s not as good). She is quite energetic, running up and down the walls (figuratively) when we come back from school, and then she just naps for long periods of time.


Well, that’s all for today, just a bit of hindsight about my one and only doge.


From the master of posts 🙂

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4 thoughts on “My dog (that I love).

  1. 2022reh

    Hi! My name is Rylee. I also have a dog (A basset hound named Charlie.), who runs through the house nonstop. You may be thinking, “Aren’t basset hounds lazy?”, it he is actually a puppy. What breed is your dog? Please come check out my blog @

    1. noahr20 (Post author)

      Hey, basset hounds have quite the charm, especially pups, I love dogs in general. I don’t really know what my dog’s breed is, but I believe that it’s a kind of miniature poodle, though it does look a bit different from usual poodles because of her overbite.

  2. 2022jrd

    Hi Noah, my name is Josie. I think Lily is adorable. I have a little dog of my own, so I can relate to a lot of what you said. Like how energetic she is all the time, and the stare they give you that you can’t resist, but to give them something. Except my puppy is only 20 months old. (1 year and 2 months)
    Come check out my blog at

    1. noahr20 (Post author)

      Hey Josie, thanks for the compliment, I also read your “worst of the worst” post and I have to say I agree to a lot of things in that list, what is the race of your dog though?


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