November 17

SBC week 6 reflection.

The three blogs that I visited for week 6 of the student blogging challenge were Loic’s, and a blog that had two different authors, Lepadenb and Leanniek’s.

Here are the links to all blogs:




In Leannick’s post, I commented on something that confused me, the fact that the pumpkin show is free, because the blog was about a pumpkin show, but you have to pay for food and rides, and what I asked was what else was free, because normally there isn’t that much else in a festival.

My second comment was on Lepadenb’s post. The post itself was about pets, and the favorite kinds of pets for people in four categories, dogs, cats, snakes and birds. My comment was just to compliment his post, as it seems like quite some research went into it, and also tried to compliment his choice for a favorite animal (it was a snake by the way).

Lastly, in Loic’s blog post, he kind of rants about how the election of Trump is quite a problem, with a video explaining how his election will only worsen climate change. I agreed with the fact that he isn’t the best choice, but that choice has already been made, and now we must only hope that his campaign was more of an act than we thought. Also, there was kind of a motivational speech about how we should take our problems in our own hands, and not just expect governments to right all our wrongs.


So that’s the second challenge of the 6th week of the SBC, I recommend that you check out all links and read the posts yourself, because they are quite entertaining.


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