November 17

About the person who owns this blog.

I am a kid that lives his life trying to game as much as I can and do homework for the least amount of time. I pass every day of the week with extracurricular activities, and I am a decently fit teenager boy. My motto is, gotta find a new motto, maybe later, I love gaming, because I didn’t say that before, sleeping, eating, doing adrenaline sports (you weren’t expecting that), and more. This may be a school blog but I’ll make it as personalized as possible, so read my posts!!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “About the person who owns this blog.

    1. noahr20 (Post author)

      Hello Miss W, sorry for not responding sooner but I just wasn’t on.

      There may be a confusion with what I meant by adrenaline sports, I don’t mean the extreme sports ones, just some that hype you up (especially during matches) like basketball or tennis, both of which I play.


    1. noahr20 (Post author)

      Homework is a pain, though I can always wiggle out of it to play, doesn’t matter if you’re a girl, I’m sure you are better than me at basketball (I’m not that good). I’ll make sure to check your blog though.


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